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Centreon - Service active check execution dependecies

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  • Centreon - Service active check execution dependecies

    I've been searching and perusing the forums and google to find a way to do this, but haven't found the exact process. Let's say I have 15 services associated with a host group called 'Linux Servers'. And in that host group I have around 150 servers. Then I have another 3 or 4 similar host groups configured with a similar number of services and monitored devices.

    With the basic default settings, when a monitored node is unreachable, Centreon will (as checks are completed) send a total of 16 alerts. With service dependencies it appears that I can make services dependent upon other services as with service groups. I can also make hosts dependent upon other hosts. It even appears that I can make specific services dependent upon specific hosts.

    That being said, I am not finding the option to make a service dependent upon the host on which it is currently being executed (ie the SSH check service associated with the Linux Servers host group will still execute on HOSTA, even if Centreon recognizes that HOSTA is unreachable). How do I specify this in the dependencies? I'm can't seem to find a way to specify the $HOSTALIAS$, $HOSTADDRESS$ or any other variable cause the dependencies to check against the host that check is specifically running on. Am I missing something here?