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fine user rights management (feature request?)

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  • fine user rights management (feature request?)

    Hi all.

    Our organisation using nagios widely, and project oreon is very interesting to us.
    We trying last stable version 1.3.1-1? it works (some , but we have question about ACL and user rights.

    now oreon has a mechanism to control access users to pages (parts of interface), to access to groups of hosts&services.
    But if some user have access to some page or service, it can full operate with it.

    Can I now (in exist interface) restrict user only to view information?
    for example user testing1 - is admin and have full access to all functions and it configure oreon.

    but user testing2 is a admin only for group of hosts, and not a admin of nagios& oreon.

    user testing1 want to give access to oreon interface for user testing2 only to view information, not to modify properties of host|service and not to issue commands lie "disable check" on it.

    HOW it can do this?
    if now it's not available, when developers can implement it? Can this feature added to "todo" list of some future release?

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    did you ever get a reply on this? or does anyone know if this is possible?


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      Yes it's already on our todo list We know, our ACL is not top for the moment, but we will work on it. It's very important for many people and we have to do that. ACL will be as soon as possible with readonly mode possibility.

      you should work with the last one : 1.3.3. ACL is better. and update your file oreon.php in www directory on svn.

      best regards.
      Julien Mathis
      Centreon Project Leader |