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    Hello there,

    Since 1 week I am figthing with Trafficc MAPP, I think I have done everything required :

    I have 4 hosts:

    1: MASTER
    2: cisco
    3: linux
    4: windows

    Oreon run in MASTER, and 2 and 3 have check_traffic.

    Basicly the problem that I have is, I can add new hosts and add new relation between but the information on graffic is not updated, i mean, always shows me: 0%.

    My understanding is traficc map get inforrmation from data of check_traffic results.

    Can anyonw give a hand??
    thanks very much in advance.

    version: oreon 1.2

    Matias Monteverde

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    We don't support release 1.2.x anymore... Too many changes since 1.3.x, but enjoy, we'll use php-weathermap again as a module in a few month with 1.3.3

    It'll be more flexible than the current release you have, and link in a very simple way to Oreon/Nagios monitoring.
    Romain Le Merlus
    Centreon Forge