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Oreon Views, Min, Max Value NAN

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  • Oreon Views, Min, Max Value NAN

    Hi GUys,

    Today i'm quite confused with the oreon views. When i select the host that i want to graph, i found out there's no graph appear. What i can see just the velue of the MIN And MAX is Nan. when try to check the value from the rrd file i found it same. The MIN and Max Value is NAn.

    FYI, i already test the perparse value using the cgi provided in the perfparse and it seems that the min and max value is there. i can view the graph. There's no problem with the perfparse. Please help me on this....

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    Did you enter the right components in the 'components templates'?
    Maybe you also have to make a graph template and attach the right components to that.
    You can check the perfparse metrics per host/service in the perfparse database with:
    select metric_id, host_name, service_description, metric, unit from perfdata_service_metric;
    These metrics must be present in components and have to be put in the same order as they appear in perfparse (alfabetically).

    Menno van Bennekom