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New mapping module utilizing google maps api

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    Excellen plugin

    Have to say excellent Job !!!

    Get that up and running at no time.
    Centreon 2 Nagios 3
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    ML350 Dual Xeon


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      Sorry Justin, didn't mean to upset you. Was just making a slew of suggestions. Hope to hear back from you!


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        This looks great!!! but i would like to know if this module could work on my 1.3.2 version of oreon? thanks for your answer and for all the work that has been put into this.


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          I've been working on some functionality similiar to what you are requesting. Seperate maps will be avaiable in the next version as well as refresh. The first thing on your list should be solved my having multiple maps.

          To answer mimoza: I believe the module requires Oreon 1.4.

          Originally posted by p2im0 View Post
          I have a small group of questions (more-so requests) for added functionality to the program.

          First, we have a large amount of host-groups in the new-england and europe areas. Hoping to use this plug-in to monitor all sites world-wide we have run into a large issue. When viewing highly-populated areas the host-group dots simply overlap. I've had a group of 10 sites or so where 9 had no issues, but one had a server down, and from any view other than directly zoomed into New England I can't see the host-group with a server down. So, I was curious if there was any way to add functionality so that host-groups with errors would have a higher-priority than those that are green. Hence always showing the host-groups with issues on top.

          Second, I'd like to use the plug-in on a large monitor to keep a constant up-to-date view of all hostgroups. At the moment the page doesn't auto-refresh. I was curious if you could implement a refresh interval of some sort?

          Third, tying off of the last two, I was curious if it'd be possible to render three+ maps on only one page. Say, have one map for a complete global view of all sites, then use the other two maps to narrow down into specific areas of high host-group concentrations.

          Finally, I know you have the functionality to click a device and bring it into it's page in Oreon, that's great. I was curious if there's anyway to implement right-click functions on devices? Such as, sayyy right-click to open a telnet session to that device, or do a direct ping on the device, tracert?

          Once again, I want to thank you for all the work and time you've put into this! I hope you can really make this one of the better and widely used plugins for the program! Keep me updated!



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            Thank you, your module is very useful


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              HI All,

              i'm impressed by this module gmap

              It's really useful.

              Since I only installed, I have several quetions ?

              1. Where do you enter locations of your hosts and services?
              2. It would be nice to define a default zoom for map.

              For now is that all

              Kepp going strong, Bostjan


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                First, I'm impressed by this module too !
                It's a really good job.

                I just have a question because on my card, points aren't exactly good ? There is a little shift between points and the real site ! I give lat=xx.yy long=zz.vv ? Is it good ?



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                  Really good job. That's works fine for me.

                  Did you implement in the future traffic monitoring ?


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                    gmap and ACL

                    Good evening!
                    It seems gmap plugin does not count defined ACL:

                    I have few hosts (test1, test2, test3, test4), users (u1, u2) and ACLs for it: user 'u1' can see only own hosts (test1, test2), and user 'u2' can' see hosts (test3, test4). Those ACL works for host monitoring (user 'u1' can only test1, test2 hosts in monitoring pane), but at 'google map' pane he can see status of all hosts!

                    Does anybody have been resolve this issue?


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                      This module seems to be very cool but i have a question : i want a googlemap with hosts and no hostgroups...why? cause i have more than 200 routers to monitor in the same city and my hostgroups are for delegating purpose and monitoring bandwidth. Somebody have a solution ?


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                        Good job justin!
                        Centos 5 - Centreon - nagios 2.11 !


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                          When this module will be in official release ? :confused:
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                            Has anyone had any luck getting this to work with Nagios3 and Centreon2? I have it installed but when I try to add an address to a host groups it doesn't save the information. I edited the SQL tables manually with the latitude and longitude but then the map doesn't load at all.


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                              I can´t download the Zip file.


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                                thanks for your really great module, it works well
                                But, three little things I found :
                                1. The map is centered by default above Africa, is it possible to center it where i want ?
                                2. When a service is in "Warning" state, the little pinpoint is red, is it possible to make it orange ?
                                3. Perhaps it's just on my server, but when i'm on your module, the little recap on the upper right corner of the screen is displaying ???. On other screen the recap is working well.

                                Thanks again for your module !

                                Edit : I changed the lat and long myself into the table to have the map default centered on Europe. For those who are interested, here is the sql-statement :
                                update gmap_op set `lat` = '49.10983', `long` = '-1.12060';
                                Last edited by Kydo; 18 July 2008, 11:50.