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Unusual Display Issue - PHP/Oreon/or too many hosts?

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  • Unusual Display Issue - PHP/Oreon/or too many hosts?

    I have been working with Oreon for just about 9 months now. The hours I spent searching these forums and the WIKI in the past months just to get the program running was tedious, but all the new recognition to the software has brought along some great guides recently; really simplifying the install process.

    Unfortunately, I have run into an interesting issue. As you can see in the screenshots, my Monitoring pages do not display correctly, or sometimes they do not display any content at all. I upgraded to version 1.4 (including patches) yesterday. I also had this issue with version 1.32 which I was using before the upgrade. The only thing that strikes me as odd is it only seems to occur when I install/uninstall one/some PHP packages. I cannot figure out what packages are causing the issue (assuming it is related to PHP).

    I'm running Ubuntu Dapper 6.06 and was previously running PHP 4 with Oreon flawlessly. About 7 months ago, i installed some other PHP packages when I installed Cacti and my Oreon Monitoring pages refused to draw correctly. I'm not sure what I did to get them drawing again, but it was something along the lines of installing/reinstalling oreon, nagios, PHP packages, and apache2...

    I upgraded some packages yesterday (after not accessing the system for 160 days or so). This upgrade rendered my PHP useless (Cacti stopped polling and none of my PHP pages would render correctly). Finally, I removed and re-installed my PHP packages (I'm using v5.1.2) and the Apache2 PHP libraries which got Cacti working again, but then Oreon didn't draw correctly. I figured it may have been an issue with Oreon 1.32, so I upgraded yesterday to 1.4 only to have nearly identical symptoms.

    So, I was wondering if anyone has seen issues such as this. Sometimes I receive an error message on the pages that don't load but 95% of the time it just simply stops loading the page. I'm not sure if it's an issue with my PHP extensions, Oreon itself, or the fact that I have a massive amount of hosts and services (500+ hosts, 600+ services) and it's just failing to draw all of them.

    Any help is much appreciated.


    Intel Xeon 2.60GHz
    2GB Memory
    40GB SCSI 10,000RPM
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    hi again,

    the error you get in one of the thumbnails seems to indicate that php memory is limited to 8Mo (the default).
    Try to set it to a higher value in your actual php.ini:

    for example I'm running fine with this value:
    memory_limit = 64M

    Hope this helps



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      Yes, I noticed this. I wasn't sure if it was a PHP limit or what. Curious, this would be the CGI, limit correct?
      And is there anything else I would have to do for PHP to recognize the new limit?


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        Originally posted by p2im0 View Post
        is there anything else I would have to do for PHP to recognize the new limit?
        change the value in the *real* php.ini file and restart apache


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          xspoon...I owe my summer internship to you

          Thanks a lot for the help. It should be stickied that the PHP memory limit should be upped for users running a monitoring solution for a large corporation.


          ps - it's /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini in Ubuntu based systems.


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            no prob,

            this might allready, or else should, be somewhere on the wiki,
            I shall check this sometime

            glad to hear it helped !