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Reporting service today don't show

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  • Reporting service today don't show

    I have all the reports working, except the reports of the services. When I load a host me all the timelines of the host are loaded and when I accede to a service me the timelines of the service are loaded also.

    But when I see the timeline of the host without entering the services it does not show me the alerts of the services at the end of the page, it this one working? Because I have never seen it to work and it me is very necessary since like it was appearing in the interface of nagios in availabality.

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    When you load the report tab, you will first have to select a host. The you will only see the "keep-alive test" of the host not the services.

    To get those infomations for the host's related services you will have to select one.
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      I know

      Yes i know about this.

      When I enter in the first report I select a host and this way I can see all the services. Now if I want to see the problems of a service I select the service. All correct but...

      When I am in the sight of the host, below it puts "service today log" and does not go out at all, but as it is possible to see in the image there are several services that this day had effect and nothing works out reflected.

      I would like slightly like in the nagios to be able to know the problems in hours and duration, in the style of the following image, though not if this one done in oreon still, though it is a bit of code that would have to show what I say, I refer to this part:

      {foreach item=log from=$tab_log}
      {if $log.type eq "HOST ALERT" or $log.type eq "CURRENT HOST STATE"}
      <tr class={cycle values="list_two, list_one"}>
      <td class="ListColHeaderCenter"></td>
      <td class="ListColLeft">{$log.time}</td>
      <td class="ListColLeft">{$log.status} &nbsp; ({$log.state})</td>
      <td class="ListColLeft">{$}</td>
      <td class="ListColNoWrap">{$log.output}</td>
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        Any answer?

        Someone can help?


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          I have the same problem, someone has solved??


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            I have the same problem

            I have the same problem.


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              Some one?

              Some one?.....


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                same problem here... Any chance resolving it??


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                  I have the same problem for service and host.
                  No solutions ?