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Problems with adding a comment or Downtime

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  • Problems with adding a comment or Downtime

    Hi everyone,

    I've got a Problem.
    In Oreon 1.4 you can adding Downtimes an Comment to hosts/Services.

    When I adding one of these I can't see it anywhere.

    Has somebody a resolution for this problem?

    Best regards

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    Hi Chicksor.

    I guess you are using a version of the Nagios 3.x branch (maybe the 3.03b as I'm currently testing).
    Since 3.0 Nagios changed the location where it stores the comments and downtimes from separate files to the retention and status files. Looks like this is not yet implemented in the current version of Oreon as I'm having the same problem.
    We will have to wait until Oreon also supports the Nagios Version 3.
    Looking forward to that...




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      As i know, Oreon will not take care about nagios 3 while it is not a final release because actually they have a lot of job.
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        comments should be in Event Logs -> Comments

        If you are using Nagios 2.x, then the comments should be in Event Logs -> Comments.

        I'd like to see something like:

        "This host has X comments" and a href to the comments page, on either the Monitoring -> Host page, or Monitoring -> Services page.

        that would be neat


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          I'm having the same problem (Centreon 1.4.1/Nagios 2.9)

          When I schedule downtime I can't find it anywhere.
          The same with the commands

          Is this a rights problem or should there be scheduled something or whatever.

          Paul Stroo


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            downtime and comments section

            see screenshot

            it would be better if it was displayed on the host information section

            also - does anyone know how to set up repeatative scheduled outages?

            so i can set every sunday at midnight these hosts will be down etc..
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              Hi i've looked in the map /usr/local/nagios/var/
              There are the downtime and comments files.
              When i schedule a downtime nothing is changed.
              Comments are changed when i add something.

              I also can't find what is changed when i acknowledge a warning?
              Where are these files/info stored?

              Paul Stroo