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Spotty graphs until rebuild

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  • DonKiShoot
    Check your latency, nagios don't make check in time.

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  • sgrynd
    started a topic Spotty graphs until rebuild

    Spotty graphs until rebuild

    I currently have about 70+ hosts and 700+ services a good portion of the services get graphed.

    My initial view of the graphs is the attachment listed as before.png as you can see it is pretty spotty and not very useful.

    So if I go and do a rebuild on the rrd file I get what is displayed in after.png. This is much better, still missing data but at least more usable.

    Any idea why this is happening? having to rebuild the rrd database everytime I need to look at the graphs isn't a very good solution.

    Can someone verify for me that they have more hosts/services running then I do and that their graphs are fine? Would moving to just rrd instead of mysql and rrd help?

    Thanks for the help.
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