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  • redx - graphs - ods

    After upgrading to the latest version my graphs aren't working anymore.
    When i click on Centreon view -> host I'm getting only red squares.

    When i click on daily i do get a rrd interface but without any data.

    See image for details.
    I have checked the ods.log which has no errors. Also I'm seeing that the .rrd files are being made in the OreonDataStorage dir.

    any advise on this ?
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    Check your apache error log, the cause for the red X will likely be there.

    Usually /var/log/httpd/error_log or something similar.

    Also, you might want to check the permissions on the files, make sure they have the correct


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      I have checked the logs of apache and i don't see anything wrong with it.
      Also i have checked the rights of owner ship on the folder of OreonDataStorage and it doesn't matter if i change it to nagios:nagios or www-data:www-data.

      any other suggestions ?


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        If you don't mind loosing some graph data, you could try and do a "clear all service data" from the options > CenteronDataStorage. You can pick just one.

        The other thing before doing that one would be to check in the Options > General Options > Centreon Data Storage > Path to RRDTool Database is set to where the files are being created.


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          I'm sorry to say, but i don't see the "clear all service data" under options > CenteronDataStorage

          I also see that when i try to login in it says 1.4.1 rc1 although i installed 1.4.1 could that be the problem of not seeing this option ?



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            Not sure about the rc1, but I think it was there.

            It is a drop down box, on that page, does the drop down show?


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              I've exactly the same problem!!!
              And i'dont find the option you tell..

              Could anyone help us?



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                Do you have a drop down box at all?


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                  not at all!!!


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                    That goes beyond what I can help with, my only suggestion would be to reinstall. If the drop down box isn't there, other things might not be correct.

                    Sorry I can't help more.


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                      I made a blank centreon installation and all is running fine now!!!



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                        Sorry for the late response i'm on holliday as we speak.
                        The dropdownbox is there and shows all my servers.


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                          It looks like it's working. I installed all patches 1.4.1 rc1 ~ 1.4.1 and 'cleared all service data' after that it took a couple of minutes and now i'm getting data back. Even the numbers of data which is produced is correct.

                          The only thin which is not working are the graphs of the disks. but i'll check that out later.

                          thanks for your help.
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                            Hmmm almost working.
                            It looks like the data is comming in correct but that the lines where not drawn.

                            any thoughts on that ?
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