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everything is ok except the rrd images of check-graph....

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  • everything is ok except the rrd images of check-graph....

    I occasionally find you guys have been doing a great job about nagios.
    And I find the oreon is something useful except the rrd.
    In the home page the pie images are correctly showed,whereas the check_ graph* have never been OK.
    In the status information there are words like "(No output!) ",and "File /usr/local/oreon/rrd/3.rrd is not accessible" on the image page.
    I have checked the /usr/local/oreon/rrd and found no rrd files.
    Also in the apache error log it read like "ERROR: opening '/usr/local/oreon/rrd/3.rrd': No such file or directory".
    I can run the check_graph* plugins correctly in shell.
    Any help would be appreciated.


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    ouch !

    you have a (big ?) problem with check_graph plugins...

    Did you installed nagios via RPM ?
    Which distribution do you use ?

    Try to run plugin in command line with nagios user.
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      Thanks for the reply,and I am sorry for the question. The cause is that I live the "Check_command_arguments" blank when configuring the graph services.And now everything goes OK.But I do not know what "graphs/graphs/graph model/Basic properties and Data source"(web) are used for? Would you show me?


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        You can modify the basic property of the graph by click on the little picture at the top of the graph.
        When you create graph model, you can apply them very quickly.
        The problem for now, is when you modify the template, it doesn't modify the property in the graph it is used.
        Romain Le Merlus
        Centreon Forge