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Nagios v1.2 w/Nagmin -> Nagios v1.2 w/Oreon v1.2.2

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  • Nagios v1.2 w/Nagmin -> Nagios v1.2 w/Oreon v1.2.2

    Hi, I have been following this project for a couple of months now and have been impressed enough to switch. I have chosen to go ahead and try and switch my configuration interface from Nagmin to Oreon, but I have a few issues I am hoping someone can shed some light on. I am really hoping that the problem is my fault. Perhaps I have somehow configured incorrectly but would like to note, that ALL pre-requisites were met and initial installation went fine without any error messages. I have also re-installed several times from scratch yet get the same results. I suspect there is an issue between Oreon and Mysql, but I am not a database expert...

    1 - The importing of services seems to fail as all imported services become service template models in Oreon. Has anyone else had problems converting over from Nagmin's .cfg files? For the most part this is OK, but let me continue.

    2a - There seem to be problems with the PHP interface of Oreon. Anytime I have edited a service entry, when I go to save the entry, I get STemplate_ attached to the original name. The same happens with a host template entry. I get HTemplate_ attached to each name. I have been able to correct this by editing a few of the .php files, however it seems there could be more issues in the long run. Could this be related to my imported files?

    2b - I have noticed after performing editing on entries in various fields, that some of the functions seem to disappear. The most noted is after adding or editing a host, the add function disappears from the interface and I must logout and then log back in to get the options back. This occurs in various browsers: IE, Opera, Firefox, etc...

    2c - I have also noticed that the option Who is connected? shows past users sessions even if one has logged out properly. Is this meant to be Who was connected?

    3 - Lastly, I have problems when Deleting service entries from Oreon. I had added an entire host group to a set of services, and then later removed them. They are no longer listed in the Configuration interface, yet the entries are still present in the Monitoring interface with a default service check of PING. I could dump the database to solve this, which is I suspect the records are still residing, but then I would lose any other entries as well.

    I actually have more to ask about setup but would like to see what people can tell me so far. As I stated above, I am hoping that I have a configuration issue from the start that I can repair easily. I am very interested in using v1.2.3 for the improvements, however I plan to use this in a production environment and would rather count on a stable version.

    Thanks a lot! Maybe someone could point me to some more updated English documentation. Currently I could only find the v1.1 documentation which is from 2004.

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    For the english documentation, I begin to write in Oreon wiki:
    Ubuntu 8.04
    Nagios 3.2 + nagios-plugins-1.4.14
    Centreon 2.1.8
    centreon-syslog-frontend-1.2.1 + centreon-syslog-server-1.1


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      do you have php 5 ?
      Julien Mathis
      Centreon Project Leader |


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        PHP version

        Originally posted by julio
        do you have php 5 ?
        No sir, using PHP v4.3.9.

        I just want to note that installation was flawless. I didn't have any issues nor any incompatibilities. To the best of my knowledge, all installed software is within specifications for Oreon v1.2.2.

        Oh, also I want to add that I am not a full system administrator and I know very little when it comes to databases.