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Obtaining Centreon graphs by script

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  • Obtaining Centreon graphs by script

    Hi all,

    I have lately been working on making the taking of information from centreon automatic. To do so, for example, I have made a script that make a sql query to the database and sends its results by email to me every 1st of month.

    I would now want to do the same with centreon graphs of some service checks. Does anyone know how this could be done?

    Thank you very mucho for your help!!!


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    You just have to use perfdata in the script output. here there an example of output
    count = 5 | count =5
    Your perfdata is after the |


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      I am so sorry but I do not understand what you mean.



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        If you want centreon's graph from a script, you'll have to make a script which an output with performance data.
        For this, you'll have to make an output with a pipe and everything after the pipe will be on the graph. You can't find documentation there :


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          I know what u mean : A script which can generate a PNG file that you want to send by email ?

          Take a look here (in french) :
          Ubuntu server 10.04 LTS 64 Bits - Haute dispo 4 serveurs centraux (réplication MySQL + VIP + Rsync)
          Nagios 3.3.1 | Centreon 2.3.9 | Centreon-Broker 2.1.1 | 2000 hôtes - 5000 services | 6 Remote Pollers

          Dev : CES 2.2 - Centengine - Centreon 2.4.1