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Multiple Errors in error-sql.log

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  • Multiple Errors in error-sql.log

    Hi everyone,

    i got multiple Errors in /usr/local/centreon/log/error-sql.log:
    Multiple lines like this: (actually, this is ONE line!)
    12:20|0|0|DB Error: no such field QUERY : SELECT nhs.current_state, nh.address, no.name1 as host_name, nhs.perfdata, nhs.current_check_attempt, nhs.state_type, unix_timestamp(nhs.last_check) as last_check, unix_timestamp(nhs.next_check) as next_check, nhs.latency, nhs.execution_time, unix_timestamp(nhs.last_state_change) as last_state_change, unix_timestamp(nhs.last_notification) as last_notification, unix_timestamp(nhs.next_notification) as next_notification, unix_timestamp(nhs.last_hard_state_change) as last_hard_state_change, nhs.last_hard_state, unix_timestamp(nhs.last_time_up) as last_time_up, unix_timestamp(nhs.last_time_down) as last_time_down, unix_timestamp(nhs.last_time_unreachable) as last_time_unreachable, nhs.current_notification_number, nhs.scheduled_downtime_depth, nhs.output, ROUND(nhs.percent_state_change) as percent_state_change, nh.notifications_enabled, nh.event_handler_enabled, nh.icon_image FROM nagios_hoststatus nhs, nagios_objects no, nagios_hosts nh WHERE no.object_id = host AND no.object_id = nhs.host_object_id AND nh.host_object_id = no.object_id AND no.objecttype_id = 1

    Can someone explain to me what this means?

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    Can you have an access to mysql database and execute your request on ndo/centstatus/centreon_status database (depend of name of your NDO database) ?
    Centreon Syslog Module Manager/Developper
    Centreon E2S Module Manager/Developper
    Centreon Enterprise Server (2.x / 3.x) : Centreon Engine 1.3.x / 1.4.x, Centreon Broker 2.6.x / 2.8.x , Centreon 2.x, Centreon-Syslog 1.5.x, Centreon E2S 2.0
    Nagios 3.x et NDOutil 1.x


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      Ok i will try that out, but i think, since this error occured after an update from 2.1.13 to 2.34, this might be related to that, i opened a seperate tread and a ticket at centreon forge for that.
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