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How to hide/remove Process timeout critical services

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  • How to hide/remove Process timeout critical services


    I have a Centreon with various services defined (more than 1000).
    I sometimes, but often see "critical services" with "Status information" : "(Process timeout)"
    I would like to hide these timeouts (as that is never an alert) but don't know how to do it...
    I already updated by commands to integrate a "-u" option which returns "unknown" instead of critical, but that does not seem to be the problem.
    I already tried to play with "timeout values" in Nagios.CFG, but I did not succeed...

    I hoped to be able to edit PHP files to edit SQL queries in order to filter "Status information" field, but the PHP scripting is really improved and difficult to edit.

    Would you have any way to do it?
    I am the only one to get these "(Process timeout)" critical events?


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    Nobody's facing "Process timeout" returns?


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      I finally find a way to do it: edit /usr/local/centreon/www/include/monitoring/status/Services/xml/broker/serviceXML.php
      > locate this script section and add the following filter

      $request .= " WHERE h.host_id = s.host_id

      /*Added by VROUX to hide Process Timeout Warnings*/
      AND s.output != '(Process Timeout)'
      /*End edited by VROUX*/
      AND s.service_id IS NOT NULL
      AND s.service_id != 0
      AND s.enabled = 1
      AND h.enabled = 1
      AND h.instance_id = i.instance_id ";
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