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How to import nagios configuration files in Oreon

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  • How to import nagios configuration files in Oreon

    Hi everybody

    I’m new in using Oreon so sorry if my question could seems stupid .

    I have a machine with Nagios 2.0-RC2 installed and working correctly with 60 hosts 500 services and different contact groups and other definition .
    I have installed Oreon 1-3-Beta-1 on this machine , I had no particular problem during the installation phase and all the prerequisite was satisfied

    But now that I got my oreon system working I can’t see al my hosts and services contacts …. defined in nagios, so I can I import all the nagios configuration files .

    PS I’m sure that all the path I have specified during the installation phase where correct including the path for nagios configuration files (/usr/local/nagios/etc)

    Many thank’s for your answer

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    Go in configuration->nagios->upload.

    1 - upload your checkcommand (and specify it with the checkbox)
    2 - upload miscommands (and specify it with the checkbox)
    3 - make an archive with other conf files (contacts, hosts...) and be sure that for each file there's not a 'define ... {' at the beginning, I don't know why but a php function "eat" the first line of each file.
    Archive like this ->
    tar -czf MyArchive.tar.gz contacts.cfg hosts.cfg ....
    4 - Upload it
    5 - Watch the debug and try to understand what could didn't work.

    I made several modification on the upload, it' ll work better with the next release..
    Romain Le Merlus
    Centreon Forge


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      Hi Rom

      I've imported all the configuration files , without problem it seems now I got all my original nagios configuration in Oreon , I have imported all the configuration files singularly just to see if there was some problem and detect where, but luckily it seems no problem at all

      Sorry for the double post , but I saw the other forum (setup) in a second time and I was thinking it was more appropriate so I post also there

      Just another question , if I have to export instead a modification I imagine I have to use

      Configuration  nagios  Generate

      And make export

      Sorry but I can’t find documentation



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        Yes, you must tick 'Move Export Files' so Oreon put its generated config files in Nagios etc dir and restart Nagios with this config files.

        If you have any trouble, please let us know.
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