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centreon+ndo+nagios doubts

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  • centreon+ndo+nagios doubts

    hello guys,

    I have been using Nagios for several years, so I've decided to install a new server with Nagios+NDO+Centreon. I have some experience with Nagios, but I'm a rookie with Centreon and NDO.

    Some tries later I installed successfully the server and I have Nagios+NDO+Centreon working but I don't understand some things :-S

    Is the configuration the same in both applications? I ask that because if I delete a service in Configuration > Service > select a service and I click in delete, that service is not deleted in Monitoring > Service. It's like Centreon has one configuration and Nagios another and it's mixed in Centreon.

    How do you guys create the new host and its services from centreon console in order to be monitored by Nagios?? the machines that I can see in Centreon right now are been monitoring by nagios, and I had to import the cfg files for each host, but I don't know how to create the new ones without the cfg.

    As you guys can check I don't really understand how Centreon works.
    Thanks for your patient.