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    Hi Guys,

    One more question. When i Checked on the nagios site i found out that the nagios latency for my nagios is to high. Sometime it goes to 1k++ .
    This has cause the checking time always delay. to 15 to 20 min each check. Can you please help me on this.

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    did you try running nagios with the -s switch as it is stated in the tuning page of their site ?

    /usr/local/nagios/bin/nagios -s /usr/local/nagios/etc/nagios.cfg
    if yes, please post the result for info



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      with -s result

      Hi xspoon,

      here is the result that i get.

      Nagios 2.7
      Copyright (c) 1999-2007 Ethan Galstad (
      Last Modified: 01-19-2007
      License: GPL

      Warning: Host 'Meta_Module' has no services associated with it!
      Projected scheduling information for host and service
      checks is listed below. This information assumes that
      you are going to start running Nagios with your current
      config files.

      Total hosts: 298
      Total scheduled hosts: 297
      Host inter-check delay method: SMART
      Average host check interval: 300.00 sec
      Host inter-check delay: 1.01 sec
      Max host check spread: 30 min
      First scheduled check: Sat Apr 7 13:10:29 2007
      Last scheduled check: Sat Apr 7 13:15:27 2007

      Total services: 371
      Total scheduled services: 371
      Service inter-check delay method: SMART
      Average service check interval: 322.64 sec
      Inter-check delay: 0.87 sec
      Interleave factor method: SMART
      Average services per host: 1.24
      Service interleave factor: 2
      Max service check spread: 30 min
      First scheduled check: Sat Apr 7 13:13:10 2007
      Last scheduled check: Sat Apr 7 13:18:32 2007

      Service check reaper interval: 10 sec
      Max concurrent service checks: 25

      * Host checks might be scheduled too closely together - consider increasing 'check_interval' option for your hosts

      so what do you think.....????any solution???


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        Hi Karimie,

        Well, active host-checks are the worst thing you can ever do, if you want to have a low latency. You don't have to configure any! It is nearly deprecated to do so.
        Why this is so?
        Let me explain... If a ok-state-service is being checked and the answer is critical, then Nagios will force a host check immediatly by himself, you don't need to do anything. If this host check is ok, then he will normally check the service again...(read documentation about Soft- and Hard-States)...
        But, if the host check is critical, then he will mark the complete host as down and will check the services as usual.
        The difference for nagios is just one: When he makes a host-check, all other checks are stopped - no parallel checks possible - until he gets a result, no matter what kind of result.

        So, please turn off active host checks (in nagios.cfg "aggressive host checking option" and in the cfg for hosts, leave the "normal check interval" blank).
        If your latency is still high then enable parallel checks for services and/or take an other timout for your checks.

        I hope this will help you,