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Check snmp process probleme de warning?

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  • Check snmp process probleme de warning?

    Bonjour j'aimerais juste avoir l'info est annulé le warning
    donc la commande est :

    [[email protected] plugins]# ./ -H -C public -n ssrefox.exe
    No process matching ssrefox.exe found : CRITICAL
    [[email protected] plugins]#
    [[email protected] plugins]# ./ -H -C public -n refox.exe
    1 process matching refox.exe (> 0)
    Donc la commande m'indiqie le nombre de processus refox

    mais mon probléme c'est que je neveut pas d'alerte je veux uniquement l'informaton
    comment désactiver l'alerte, le warning svp?

    en regardant le fichier de conf i ly a sa:
    [[email protected] plugins]# ./ -h
    SNMP Process Monitor for Nagios version 1.4
    GPL licence, (c)2004-2006 Patrick Proy
    Usage: ./ [-v] -H <host> -C <snmp_community> [-2] | (-l login -x passwd) [-p <port>] -n <name> [-w <min_proc>[,<max_proc>] -c <min_proc>[,max_proc] ] [-m<warn Mb>,<crit Mb> -a -u<warn %>,<crit%> ] [-t <timeout>] [-o <octet_length>] [-f ] [-r] [-V] [-g]
    -v, --verbose
       print extra debugging information (and lists all storages)
    -h, --help
       print this help message
    -H, --hostname=HOST
       name or IP address of host to check
    -C, --community=COMMUNITY NAME
       community name for the host's SNMP agent (implies SNMP v1 or v2c with option)
    -l, --login=LOGIN ; -x, --passwd=PASSWD, -2, --v2c
       Login and auth password for snmpv3 authentication
       If no priv password exists, implies AuthNoPriv
       -2 : use snmp v2c
    -X, --privpass=PASSWD
       Priv password for snmpv3 (AuthPriv protocol)
    -L, --protocols=<authproto>,<privproto>
       <authproto> : Authentication protocol (md5|sha : default md5)
       <privproto> : Priv protocole (des|aes : default des)
    -p, --port=PORT
       SNMP port (Default 161)
    -n, --name=NAME
       Name of the process (regexp)
       No trailing slash !
    -r, --noregexp
       Do not use regexp to match NAME in description OID
    -f, --fullpath
       Use full path name instead of process name
       (Windows doesn't provide full path name)
    -w, --warn=MIN[,MAX]
       Number of process that will cause a warning
       -1 for no warning, MAX must be >0. Ex : -w-1,50
    -c, --critical=MIN[,MAX]
       number of process that will cause an error (
       -1 for no critical, MAX must be >0. Ex : -c-1,50
    Notes on warning and critical :
       with the following options : -w m1,x1 -c m2,x2
       you must have : m2 <= m1 < x1 <= x2
       you can omit x1 or x2 or both
    -m, --memory=WARN,CRIT
       checks memory usage (default max of all process)
       values are warning and critical values in Mb
    -a, --average
       makes an average of memory used by process instead of max
    -u, --cpu=WARN,CRIT
       checks cpu usage of all process
       values are warning and critical values in % of CPU usage
       if more than one CPU, value can be > 100% : 100%=1 CPU
    -g, --getall
      In some cases, it is necessary to get all data at once because
      process die very frequently.
      This option eats bandwidth an cpu (for remote host) at breakfast.
    -o, --octetlength=INTEGER
      max-size of the SNMP message, usefull in case of Too Long responses.
      Be carefull with network filters. Range 484 - 65535, default are
      usually 1472,1452,1460 or 1440.
    -t, --timeout=INTEGER
       timeout for SNMP in seconds (Default: 5)
    -V, --version
       prints version number
    Note :
      CPU usage is in % of one cpu, so maximum can be 100% * number of CPU
      example :
      Browse process list : <script> -C <community> -H <host> -n <anything> -v
      the -n option allows regexp in perl format :
      All process of /opt/soft/bin          : -n /opt/soft/bin/ -f
      All 'named' process                   : -n named
    You have new mail in /var/spool/mail/root
    donc si je suis ce qu'il y a d'écrits
    je dois faire cette commande -w-1,50
    donc sa veut dire pas de warning
    mais sa me met ce message :
    LOl je viens de toruver comment sa marche
    sa me fais mal au coeur de toute effécé alors je le laisse
    [[email protected] plugins]# ./ -H -C public -n ssrefox.exe -c-1,50 -w-1,50
    No process matching ssrefox.exe found : YOU told me it was : OK
    donc merci à vous
    Nagios 2.9
    Oreon 1.4