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    Hello, i'm new to the world of Nagios/Centreon since a week or two and I'm in some trouble.

    I have a project to do, which is installing Nagios w/ Oreon and present it to the whole class and professors who'll be attending to it. I need to explain how it works and why we have choosen this product instead of another

    Here's my problem. I've been running into a huge wall with the hosts. I installed Nagios on a Fedora Core 6 platform, and I have a DC (Win2k3 Server) and an Exchange Server (Win2k3 Server also).
    I have installed NRPE agent on both DC and Exchange Server. When I go to Nagios or even Oreon's Interface. The hosts are not showing.

    What did I miss? Do I have to install something on Linux as a client to ask the Windows platform to execute a task and then send it back to it?

    Is NRPE quite enough, or do I really have to install NSCA along with it?

    Thanks a bunch! I have about 4-5 days only to fix this!:|