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check_centreon_snmp_traffic problems

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  • check_centreon_snmp_traffic problems

    Finaly I've managed to graph traffic in my Centreon based installation with a few adjustments but I've come across a few snags.
    First: To get any graphs generated even on a 100Mb interface, I've had to change user rights on /tmp/traffic* to 666 so that the system has enough rights to read and write on the interface files I've managed to create. I gues there is a sollution to this problem that doesn't need manual tampering for each and every new port added.

    Second: When graphing a heavily loaded Gigport in the switch, it reports almost no traffic at all and running the plugin manually gives more adequate speed, don't really understand why.
    Would be great if it was possible to check counter values more often but any ideas to fix this problem.
    Cacti reports correct graphs for the same interface so it has to be possible and Nagios with centreon is a great system !

    Thanks to anyone that can help me understand what's wrong and correct it!


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    Fisrt pb : i suppose you have try your check with your root account... so, if you try plugin, do it with your nagios-cmd-account

    Second pb : have you try with "64-bits" argument ?
    Bi Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.06GHz - 3Gb ram
    Nagios® Core™ Version 3.2.1 - Nagios Plugins 1.4.14 - NDO 1.4b9 patché
    Centreon 2.3.4 - Syslog Module 1.3.2 - StatusMap Module 2.5 - NDO Tools Module 0.4 SVN - Nagvis
    Beta tester : centreon-engine - centreon-broker