Hi all,

Using this guide:

im testing this command from my centreon command interface

$USER1$/check_nrpe -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -p $ARG1$ -c checkCounter -a $ARG5$ $ARG2$Warn=$ARG3$ $ARG2$Crit=$ARG4$ ShowAll
with the following arguments

!5666!Max!5!10!"\\PhysicalDisk(0 C:)\Current Disk Queue Length"
and i get this error from centreon web

[TABLE="class: ListTable, width: 698"]
[TR="class: ListHeader, bgcolor: #BFD0E2"]
[TD="class: FormHeader, colspan: 2"][IMG][/IMG]  Plugin Test[/TD]
[TR="class: list_lvl_1, bgcolor: #D5DFEB"]
[TD="class: ListColLvl1_name, colspan: 2"][IMG][/IMG]  Plugin test[/TD]
[TR="class: list_one, bgcolor: #FDF0D5"]
[TD="class: FormRowField"]Command Line[/TD]
[TD="class: FormRowValue"]/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_nrpe -H -p '5666' -c checkCounter -a '"\\PhysicalDisk(0 C:)\Current Disk Queue Length"' 'Max'Warn='5' 'Max'Crit='10' ShowAll[/TD]
[TR="class: list_two, bgcolor: #EDF4FF"]
[TD="class: FormRowField"]Output[/TD]
[TD="class: FormRowValue"]Exception processing request: Request contained arguments (not currently allowed, check the allow arguments option).[/TD]
[TR="class: list_one, bgcolor: #F7FAFF"]
[TD="class: FormRowField"]Status[/TD]
[TD="class: FormRowValue"]UNKNOWN[/TD]
I don't know what im doing wrong. The server is a 2008 R2
here is a screenshot of the perfmon:

its the top line im trying to implement.. not the marked one..

I don't know what im doing wrong? Do i need the counter configured in my performance monitor aswell before centreon/nagios can use it?