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Perfparse graphs and Oreon data

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  • Perfparse graphs and Oreon data

    One final question, I hope.
    My system is setup now, so that Oreon 1.3RC1 works OK, Nagios OK and Perfparse is setup.
    I am using process-service-perfdata command to parse service data and process-host-perfdata to parse service data and it gets imported into Perfparse database. I am also using check_graph_nt plugin with all the parameters to retrieve processor utilization info. The info is in rrd/ directory. Everything looks perfect, but when I go into Oreon views to graph the data, there is nothing inside. I can't get a single graph. What can check/do?

    P.S.: I tried using the oreon check_graph* plugins and they create files in rrd directory, but when I want to graph it, i only get back an empty graph with a scale on the left from 0 to 1 in 0.2 increments and no data inside. This is the same for all plugins (check_graph_nt, check_graph_ping)

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    The problem was lying in Nagios versions. On PerfParse site there is no distinct documentation for Nagios 2.X, so my configuration was done for 1.x, which didn't work, because macro names were changed from 1.x to 2.x. When checking in Oreon, I noticed that you guys already had correct macros inserted.
    This raises a couple of questions:
    1. I associated ping with service group and I can get only one server to graph, the rest have empty graph with 0-1 scale in 0.2 increments. Do I have to define service for each server to get graph or should this work, but I have an error?
    2. Oreon plugins return data in rrd files. In Oreon in simple graphs renderer I saw the names of hosts and services, but when I tried to graph it, I got empty graph, like stated above (0-1;0.2 incremenets). What are these rrd files for? Do they get parsed by perfparse? I don't think so.