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  • Creating a new check


    I am needing to write a new check command for one of our internal servers. This server runs software that most of our employees use on a daily basis. However, it is a 3 tier application. The users have a Java Applet installed on their machines. When they point their Internet Browser to the correct website, the applet gets loaded and the application begins. They are prompted for a username/password. Then, they do what they do in the application.

    Where I'm running into problems is that I'm not sure how to check the status of the server. I would love a check command that emulates this procedure and if there is an error along the way, raise the warning, or critical, etc... The thing is, I can't just check the http services because it is almost always up. I haven't been able to install the applet for Oreon to use. Its an Oracle backend so I might be able to check that status... My issue is that it is all Java based. How would you solve this?