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  • check_centreon_snmp_traffic2


    Previously, I posted a plugin that can take traffic statistics using IP address instead interface number or name. This was make a big difference for me, since my Windows servers was a random index number in interfaces and the interface name cannot be changed (is defined by driver name of interface).

    If you are using a shipped version of plugin, you must check and create manually each interface for each host in you server farm.

    I modified the original plugin and sync with 1.4.1 version of check_centreon_snmp_traffic. This has the ability of check a interface by this IP address. You can use "-a -i $HOSTADDRESS" and configure the service for whole server farm. I added a option to allow report values in bytes instead bits (- too. It's worth for me.

    If someone like this plugin, please, reply this post.

    Best regards,
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    Tested and adopted...
    But just little thing

    don't change all your oeron.conf that there is in the .zip
    just change the last line.

    So nice job and thx again

    Edit : i forgot that during the buffer creation i have a error ... don't know why ... but after the second check all is fine
    Last edited by icedance; 30 August 2007, 09:32.
    Nagios 2.9 - Centreon 1.4 - Plugins 1.4.9
    200 host - 400 services - 50 graphs ( sans trous )
    NTOP-1.3 + PHP WeatherMap 1.2 + Nagios status map module 1.1 + manubulon plugins
    Dell optiplex 745 Core2 Duo 3giga - 1 giga de ram + Ubuntu Feisty Fawn


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      Hye. nice work right, but I meet problems with a router :

      ./check_centreon_snmp_traffic2 -H -C public -a -i
      ERROR: Interface Status Request : Received noSuchName(2) error-status at error-index 1
      But if I do this :

      ./check_centreon_snmp_traffic2 -H -C public -a -i -i 620
      Traffic In : 0.00 b/s (0.0 %), Out : 16.87 kb/s (0.0 %) - Total RX Bits In : 20.89 GB, Out : 18.88 Gb|traffic_in=0,0Bits/s traf
      It returns me traffic in/out, but interface 620 is not the port of the IP address !

      Do you know what's wrong ? thanks in advance.
      Last edited by lowdata; 30 August 2007, 14:16.
      Centreon 1.4
      Nagios 2.9
      Suse 10.2