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[RESOLVED] Question of Graphs

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  • [RESOLVED] Question of Graphs

    I am missing something I fear and am probably asking a dumb question. I am hoping some one can enlighten me.

    My graphs are all up and working however I am at a loss with when setting up new graphs. When setting up the plugin to graph you need to specify value for -S, how do you determine that value? I understand that Oreon increments this value, and going back to correct it isn't a problem.

    It seems to me I am missing something that would make this a lot easier.

    This is for 1.2.3-RC1 by the way.

    Thanks for the help.

    I attempted to use google to translate this to Frecnh, let me know if this makes any sense!

    Je suis absent quelque chose crainte de I et AM posant probablement une question sourde-muette. J'espère qu'environ peut m'éclairer. Mes graphiques sont tous hauts et travaillant cependant je suis à une perte avec en installant de nouveaux graphiques. Quand installant les plugin pour vous représenter graphiquement doivent-ils indiquer la valeur pour - S, comment déterminez-vous cette valeur? J'ai appris que les incréments d'Oreon cette valeur, et aller de nouveau à correct il n'est pas un problème. Il semble à moi que je suis absent quelque chose qui faciliterait ceci beaucoup. C'est pour 1.2.3-rc1 d'ailleurs. Merci pour l'aide

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    if you read this (, you can see that we don't specify $ARG1$.

    There is a process during cfg files generation which set (only for 'check_graph_*' ) the last '$ARG$' argument in command_arg. It isn't a increment value, but service_id in table database.

    So, you don't need to specify -S argument.
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      I get it now, the -S $ARG1$ needs to be there, just on the plugin I don't need to put anything in for that argument.

      Thanks for the help, works great!


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        I am having a different issue with the latest release of oreon. Oreon is not passing the Service ID. For instance in check_graph_traffic oreon sends:

        -H -i 11 -w -c -C -v -g -S

        As you can see it is sending the Service ID to the interface flag. I have no options specified in my config.

        Any ideas?