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centstorage.log Error Timestamp messages

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  • centstorage.log Error Timestamp messages

    I just upgraded today from Centreon 2.1.13 and noticed these error messages in centstorage.log, although it appears these error messages have been there since before the upgrade. Does anyone have any idea what these error message are and how to get rid of them?

    29/6/2011 11:32:38 - Error Timestamp... Unknown format : DATA]
    29/6/2011 11:44:04 - Error Timestamp... Unknown format : c02vg0062na
    29/6/2011 11:48:26 - Error Timestamp... Unknown format : etalib01v2
    The end of each line is the name of a host with the first letter removed, except the first one. I have no idea what 'DATA]' is.


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    We've got the same problem since we've upgraded from 2.1.5 to 2.2.0. Centstorage gave to us a lot of errors like that, graph are blank, error timestamp unknown format, and so on....

    I've seen also a lot of error in centstorage.log lik "Mysql server has gone away"

    And... now, I've seen that there is an update ( centreon 2.2.2 ) and on the changelog, there is a fix for centstorage.

    I've applied the update, centstorage purge all perfdate correctly and all works perfectly now with graphs.

    No more errors.

    Have you already try to update Centreon ?
    "More things change, more they stay the same" Aphorisme contemporain Snake T. Plissken


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      +1 with Plissken, if you look at changelog of Centreon 2.2.0 to 2.2.2, you wille a lot of centstorage correction bugs
      Ubuntu Server 10.04.4 x64 - Centreon 2.1.13 - Nagios 3.2.0
      Modules : ImportCSV 0.99rc5 - OCS2Cent 1.2.1 - Centreon-Gmap 1.2 - ndotools 0.2 - Centreon-NagVis 2.2b with NagVis 1.5.10


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        Thnaks for the heads up. I didn't notice that 2.2.2 was out. I'll give 2.2.2 a try and see if it fixes the error messages.