I installed oreon 1.2.3-RC2 on Gentoo linux with Nagios 1.3.
Had some little troubles, one of them was that the graphs didn't display.
The error was 'invalid color name 'FRAME''.
I resolved it by uncommenting line 333 in /usr/local/oreon/include/graph/graph_image.php (containing --color FRAME#$ColContCub').
My RRD version is 1.2.6 (1.2006 in RRDs.pm). The config setting RRD 1.0/1.2 didn't make a difference.
Any idea what causes this?
By the way, I did not know that Oreon doesn't work with the Mysql-Nagios database so had to reinstall Nagios without mysql, maybe an idea to mention it with the dependencies?