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Callback error from remote engine in log file

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  • Callback error from remote engine in log file

    "Error: callbacks: error occurred while generating host check event: could not find ID of host"

    This is what I'm receiving when I recycle the engine on the remote poller. I have been wracking my brain, reading documentation, websites, etc and just can't figure out how to fix this. The remote poller seems to be running and checking processes but it is not reporting back to the central server. So, I don't see the hosts or services on the web page.

    Where do I look next? Thank you for any information you can provide.

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    I finally figured this out. Deep in their documentation is a sentence that states that the minimum version of the broker must be 2.11 (that's the current one right now). I was running 2.9 and when I upgraded it everything worked as expected.