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Host exist in Monitoring but not in Config

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  • Host exist in Monitoring but not in Config

    Hello all

    I've a problem with one Host.
    This Host showed up under "Monitoring" tab (Host and Services).
    This is an old Host and I would like to remove them. But this Host is not in the Configuration Page.
    So I've searched the Host in the MySQL and found them in the "ndo" Database. That host doesn't exist under StoreDB or CentDB.

    May I delete the one entry in the ndo? Or, do I have to remove more things, like Services too?

    Thank you

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    I've got the same problem but with a service which I had removed from the config but lingers around stuck in the monitoring screen. Only way I worked around it was to remove it from the centreon_status table. Seems to be a possible bug but not sure.