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  • 1.3 Graphs

    I have started to play around with 1.3, so far it looks great, excellent work.

    But I have hit a roadblock with graphs.

    I have 2 hosts setup with 1 service check each. The one I am using for graphing is graph_ping. The check works fine and returns expected data, but when I click on the graph icon it takes me to the graph page and says "Problem with Perfparse Database connection".

    I currently have the perfparse.cfg disabled, turning it on results in the same error, the only way I could get rid of the error was to setup a DB for it and then the error goes away but nothing is displayed I presume because there is no schema in the DB and I thought I read somewhere that is was part of nagios 2.x. RRD is installed and Oreon is pointing to the correct path. I have set perfparse to not be used but still am not getting any graphs. It looks like the RRD file is created and getting updated.

    I am at a lost of how to get them to work correctly, and help would be appreciated.

    Nagios 1.2
    Redhat FC 2
    PHP 4.4.2
    mySQL 4.1.8

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    Yes we know your problem. We have corrected this pb and it will be available in the Beta2. If your are using graphical plugin, you have to clique on "oreon views" and graph plugin to show your graphs.

    It's juste a bug.

    Thanks sgrynd.
    Julien Mathis
    Centreon Project Leader |


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      Awesome! Works perectly!

      I have a few changes for the english language file I will post up in a bit after I worked with it some.


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        send it to me if you want... thanks in advance

        :arrow: [email protected]
        Julien Mathis
        Centreon Project Leader |


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          Sent! Thanks again for a great product!