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  • No graphs for new services


    I have migrated a Centreon 2.4.0 + Nagios 3.5.0 to Centreon 2.5.0 and Centreon-engine and broker, to the latest versions and I don't understand why, for new services, there is no graphes created.

    Even with the simplest service, made with a returning each time the same thing, Processing PerfData enabled, no graphs.

    But for old services it works, like Ping for example. If I delete the Ping service, then regenerate host's services via templates, then the graph disappear.

    Does someone have a Idea of what I can check to enable graphes?

    Edit: in Administration -> Options -> CentStorage -> Manage, the Ping service regenerated is in "Delete" Yes state.

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    Ok, I used the old NDO protocol. Use BBDO instead. Also, I disabled RRDTool & MySQL storage in CentStorage Options. Then we have to rebuild RRD Databases in Manage.

    Edit: seems like a bug. When I restart CBD (rrd and broker), the new service has its graphs.
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      Well, no way to get graphs for new services without restarting CBD. Changing centstorage options is not useful, NDO or BBDO are not useful to change anymore.

      Instantly after restarting CBD (/etc/init.d/cbd restart), graphs appears... any ideas?