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How to import nagios configuration files in Oreon 1-3

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  • How to import nagios configuration files in Oreon 1-3

    Hi everybody

    I’m new in using Oreon so sorry if my question could seems stupid .

    I have a machine with Nagios 2.0-RC2 installed and working correctly with 60 hosts 500 services and different contact groups and other definition .
    I have installed Oreon 1-3-Beta-1 on this machine , I had no particular problem during the installation phase and all the prerequisite was satisfied

    But now that I got my oreon system working I can’t see al my hosts and services contacts …. defined in nagios, so I can I import all the nagios configuration files .

    PS I’m sure that all the path I have specified during the installation phase where correct including the path for nagios configuration files (/usr/local/nagios/etc)

    Many thank’s for your answer

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    Please don't duplicate your post...
    Romain Le Merlus
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