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External command not ok Acknoledge/forced retryl

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  • cepillo
    Solidd could you tell me wich file do you use on your new configuration?

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  • solidd

    I solved my problem,

    I had to change external command file to : /var/lib/centreon-engine/rw/centengine.cmd
    because it does not have to be the same file as the $cmdfile in /etc/centreon/

    seems to be 2 differents things

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  • solidd
    started a topic External command not ok Acknoledge/forced retryl

    External command not ok Acknoledge/forced retryl


    I have installed centreon 2.5.2 & centreon broker 2.6.3 & centreon engine 1.4.6

    Everything seems to be working fine, except acknowledge and force check.

    in /etc/centreon/ :

    $cmdFile = "/var/lib/centreon/centcore.cmd";

    in main.cfg for centreon engine (web interface)

    external command check option : yes
    external command interval : 1s
    external command file : /var/lib/centreon/centcore.cmd
    external command buffer slots : (empty)

    (database seems to correspond to this value in cfg_nagios table)

    in event broker directive : /usr/local/centreon-engine/lib/centreon-engine/
    event broker directive : /usr/local/centreon-broker/lib/ /usr/local/centreon-broker/etc/central-module.xml
    broker module option : -1

    I have activated debug for external command, file /var/log/centreon-engine/centengine.debug is empty (only one line for an ACK, days ago)
    in centengine.log, no lines relative to ACK is present

    No error are logged in centengine.log, and external command (acknowledge) are processed at startup only

    at startup, when I delete all centcore.* in /var/lib/centreon
    I start centengine : a FIFO file /var/lib/centreon/centengine.cmd is created with rw for centreon-engine:centreon-engine (www-data member of the group)
    Then I start apache, cbd, centcore, centstorage : a simple file centcore.cmd is created (some command order in it, not deleted/processed), owned by www-data:www-data, and a FIFO is at centcore.cmd_read (rw to centreon-engine:centreon-engine)

    Could you help me to locate the errors ?