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Transferring Centreon database to a new installation

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  • Transferring Centreon database to a new installation

    Dear centreon community,

    I have to start by apologizing if this is not the proper board to post this, but it just seemed appropriate.

    I need a bit of help transferring Hosts and Services from an already running physical machine running centreon to a new VMware image running a newer version of centreon.

    The older physical centreon is version 2.4.0 and the new one is 2.4.5.

    I honestly have very low knowledge in using nagios and centreon so i would reall appreciate any help.

    Can someone just point out how to start the transfer ? I couldn't find an easy way to just export the database, if it's an existing feature.

    Thank you in advance

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    Did you check this link ?

    It should help!

    I just did a search on the Centreon Forum and I found this post.
    I ever tested it and it works perfectly.

    Good luck!



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      Hello there

      Thank you for answering, i did manage to migrate my databases and all, however i am finding a couple of problems. First of all i can't get to configure the smtp correctly, i assume that anyway since i can't receive any emails.

      Another issue is SNMP errors i am getting. I will give details but wondering is this here the correct place to ask ? or i make a proper detailed other post elsewhere ?

      thank you guys in advance, you're a life saver