Please forgive me as I am quite new to centreon. I have had quite a bit of experience in Whats Up Gold and want to move over to Centreon running in FAN Fully Automated Nagios).

My needs are very basic. All I want to be able to do is ping a router, switch , windows pc / server and print servers by IP to see that the end device is alive imnitially with some email alerts as and when the devices do not ping back.

I havent looked at the emailing as yet. I thought I would get the hosts setup and see the status.

I have installed FAN and logged into Centeron. I have setup 2 windows hosts as shown in the screen shot:

I have the host xppro set up as follows:


I would like to see a group of hosts say a group of windows pcs which asre been pinged in a listing like below but all I see is the centeron host itself as ben UP:


I have installed the fan as a vm in esxi 5.5 and literally gone into centreon. I thought just for pinging nothing needed setting up like snmp e.t.c.

If I ping the xppro pc from Nagios in the command line it works fine, so ocnnectivity is not an issue.

Could you advise what I have missed here as I cant seem to see the hosts I have added as Been UP when been pinged?

Albert Penna
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