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Upgrade database when using rpm packages

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  • Upgrade database when using rpm packages


    I'm trying to migrate a Centreon instance to another host and do an upgrade during the migration. I'm using rpm packages (on CentOS 6) for the installation.

    I have a dump of the productive centreon database and I found quite some information about upgrading from source but I did not find enough information about upgrading via rpm packages. I know there are sql scripts for database upgrades but I don't think they should be applied "manually" but via script.

    I did a fresh install on the new host and I could configure it as a new instance. But how do I import the old database? I could just overwrite the centreon database in MariaDB but if I try this, centreon writes errors in the apache log and does not show anything on the webinterface. I tried to import the old database before setting up centreon but instead of upgrading the database the web installer complains that the database already exists and that I should drop it first.

    I want to go from Centreon 2.0.1 to 2.5.4-2 (on CentOS 6 as stated before)

    Can you help me or at least point me to some documentation where the database upgrade procedure with an rpm install is documented?

    Kind regards,

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    From I learned that there should be some kind of wizard for the database upgrade but I don't get Centreon to show me this wizard. When I import the old database before I install it, Centreon shows me the normal installation wizard and tells me I should drop the database before continuing when I import it after finishing the wizard, it breaks and I only see errors in the apache log. How do I get Centreon to show me the database upgrade wizard in the webinterface when I use rpm packages for the installation?