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Centreon 2.6.0: no statistics

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  • Centreon 2.6.0: no statistics

    Hello everyone,
    I installed centreon and following this step My graph for host and service function and every think look okay but in Home>Monitoring Engine Statistics in perf info i see: No stats available for this poller. Is ti currently running?

    And in Graphs, I have 9 of this icon when I open this icon I see ERROR: opening '/var/lib/centreon/nagios-perf/perfmon-1/nagios_active_host_execution.rrd': No such file or directory . I have created the file perfmon-1 but nothing and I have creted all .rrd nothing too and I have export .rrd of my old server where is function.

    Moreover in Administration>Server Status>System Information I have 0Mo in length and nothing in Number of entries.

    I have verify the autorisation of file and if all running and the configuration. I have update all my centreon in the latest version but it's the same.

    Thanks for your help.
    (Sorry for my bad English, you can reply in french)