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Web Setup, php.ini not loading so's

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  • Web Setup, php.ini not loading so's

    During the front-end installation of Oreon, it fails on Step 4 because it says,, and are not loaded in php.ini. However, I added the commands "" per the example configuration. And yet it still fails to load.

    I've set up a test PHP page and it shows these so's loading, as I was afraid that may be causing it. If you could shed any light, that'd be great. Thanks.

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    did you restart your apache server ?
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      Yes, I did.


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        To give more information, this is being installed on a Fedora Core 3 box. If there's anything else you need to know, let me know.


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          Scratch it, I installed Debian and I'm installing Oreon per documentation.


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            i had this problem on fc3 also.

            apt-get install php-mysql would have fixed it.

            also apt-get install php-gd php-snmp php-ldap

            but now im stuck on the next screen .. half of my pear components are not there.


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              Ian, I had the same problem with my second try at Oreon (currently on my third try. Almost done). I apt-get install php4-pear. On top of that, I installed the command line download manager. Lastly, I initially pointed it to the wrong path (I used default, /usr/share/pear). I changed it to /usr/share/php/ and it worked beautifully.


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                *edit* Note: using Nagios 1.4.1 (or install_nagios-0.5) and Oreon 1.3-RC3-1

                I did apt-get install php4-pear earlier and then again after reading this.
                It was installed

                Yet I still have the following PHP Pear Component failures:

                *EDIT* *FIX*

      's what I did

                apt-get install php-date
                apt-get install php-image-canvas
                apt-get install php-image-graph
                apt-get install php-mail-mime
                that was via for reference

                Then I found which let me do
                # pear install _whateverpackage_
                pear list to see what packages were on system
                pear remote-list to see what packages were available on whoever's servers

                I mostly just followed what the 5. Verifying PHP Pear Component list said each entry "Needed" for those that had Failed.
                pear install DB_Object
                pear install DB_Object_FormBuilder
                pear install MDB2

                NOTE: DB_Object requires dependencies and it will tell you which ones.
                NOTE: make sure you've run through apt-get install php4-pear
                You might need apt-get install php-pear or php5-pear...I ran through so many attempted apt-get installs I'm not exactly sure which ones were successful, which ones failed and which ones worked but weren't needed....I just kinda threw mud a few times in this process hoping something would stick.

                Except for Image_Color...that was was a bit of a bad tooth.....and the documentation accessability sucks a big one....
                I finally found for reference

                you want to
                (A) Find ~/cli/php.ini and add to the very bottom (it might not need to be at the bottom but the other versions of php.ini had it below the ;Local Variables: , ;tab-width:4 , ; End: section so that's where I put it in the /cli/php.ini
                My directory happened to be /etc/php5/cli/php.ini
                ( apt-get install php5-gd

                I'm not sure if (A) was needed if you run ( but that's what I did.
                Then you run pear install Image_Color

                On the rest of the packages when running pear install make sure you read the detail if it fails. Some of the packages (like Validate that fail at first attempt) fail using pear install Validate but will be work if you use pear install Validate-0.6.2
                Whereas some of the other packages are fine if you just use the name and not the version.

                Be sure to restart /etc/init.d/apache2 as well as mysql and nagios (same directory).
                Then refresh your browser (if you are still on 5. Verifying PHP Pear Components)

                *edit* -------------------- Linux Tips for Newbies ------------------------------
                It took me awhile to find this so if there's any linux newbies (like me) reading this the directory search function is
                # find -name the or part of the filename ~ php, php.ini, etc

                ....and for any real newbies that would be
                [email protected]_or_computername:/# find -name _filename_
                user = login name like 'netcog', 'Bobby', 'root'
                you get to root by typing "sudo -s" [enter] then the root password - typed after the prompt [email protected]:/#

                At least that's how Ubuntu was, it seems from the web pages that # might be replaced with $ for other flavors.