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Moving from Nagios 1.1 to Oreon 1.3RC3

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  • Menno
    Yes, you can load your Nagios configuration into Oreon (Configuration/nagios/Load).
    About the plugin-generation step, I can't find the 'generate oreon.conf' anymore too, but I think it is now part of the script. And gets updated from Oreon automatically because I see the file-date is from today..


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  • hypatia
    started a topic Moving from Nagios 1.1 to Oreon 1.3RC3

    Moving from Nagios 1.1 to Oreon 1.3RC3

    I've got a runnning Nagios 1.1 install on an old server. I'm currently building a replacement server, and am trying out Oreon. My new server is running Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper). I've got 2 questions so far:

    1. I installed Oreon 1.3rc3 following the Wiki instructions for version 1.2.2. Step 9 (IX Plugin Generation) seems to have no equivelent in the new version. Is that correct? Should I perform that step manually? How?

    2. I've got about 30 hosts, and more than 150 services in my old Nagios configuration. I'd hate to have to recreate all that through a GUI. Is there a way to import some of my old Nagios configuration? If not, can I edit a text file directly, or are all Oreon's configs in the DB?