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Nagios 1.4.1 & Oreon 1.3-RC3-1 - Enable Graphs?

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  • Nagios 1.4.1 & Oreon 1.3-RC3-1 - Enable Graphs?

    The forum has a lot of reference to graphs but I haven't yet seen reference on how you get the graph aspect setup in the first place.

    All dropdowns in the Graphs Plugins and Graphs By Hosts are blank (and tiny)

    It's like the RRD Engine hasn't been enabled. Yet the Wiki Install was followed to the 'T' including the rrdtool. I did find /usr/local/oreon/rrd/1.rrd but that was the only file.

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    I am having the same problem. There seems to be no clear docs on how to enable RRD and the graphing in oreon. All of my dropdown menus are empty and I can't seem to find anywhere to enable the rrd functionality.


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      rrd is only able with check_graph plugin or if you're a geek you can try perfparse :wink:
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        and u can check and try my tuorial at

        and in th forum (french sorry, but the tuto is in english)
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