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  • Total Update.

    Hi guys.

    I actualy have a Nagios 1.4 and Oreon 1.3 RC-3.

    Every RC updated, i have some hard work to restore my hosts and services. So, i get some fear to do it. In beta to rc1, i lost everthing and configured each host and service again =(

    But now, i realy like to upgrade nagios and oreon.

    So, i like to know if.

    Have some 100% secure way, to me, make a full backup of atual configuration (it is easy i tink, i alread have backup of the folders of nagios/oreon and the sql scripts), and , install Nagios 2.5 pak ( from oreon site) and install the release of Oreon 1.3, and IMPORT my hosts and services?

    I have like 50 hosts and 150 services.

    Something like 50 notification types, and 100 commands.

    If it is possible, can someone help me if a step by step, or how to?

    tks all
    Linux 2.6.16-1.2115_FC4
    Nagios 1.4
    Nagios Plugins 1.4
    Oreon 1.3 RC1 / StatusMap