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Problems installing Oreon/Nagios

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  • inconnuflo
    it's not bug.

    so if you can on your left, you can see host graph and service graph. Use this, if you don't use perfparse

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  • sn3f3ru
    I've managed to get it running, with only one exception.

    When I go to Oreon's views, it says Problem with Perfparse Database connection : DB Error: connect failed

    I don't have Perfparse installed; do I need it? Really noob question, I know...

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  • sn3f3ru

    I used this:

    I'll try again, looking at the differences.

    I'll post again after reading the WiKi.

    Thank you.

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  • gregounet

    Did you check your install with oreon's wiki?



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  • inconnuflo
    try this:

    but it's french doc with sreenshots :wink:

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  • sn3f3ru
    started a topic Problems installing Oreon/Nagios

    Problems installing Oreon/Nagios

    Hi everyone,

    Can anyone help me with this? I've searched the forum, but I don't know french well enough...

    I've installed in a vmware machine running Debian Etch the latest versions for both Nagios and Oreon -->


    Everything went ok, until I went to the setup webpage (http://localhost/oreon/).

    Here, I get this long line of failed PEAR extensions, although they are installed:
    Component Status
    PHP Pear Extension
    DB Failed
    Need DB-1.7.6
    DB_DataObject Failed
    Need DB_DataObject-1.8.4
    DB_DataObject_FormBuilder Failed
    Need DB_DataObject_FormBuilder-1.0.0RC4
    MDB2 Failed
    Need MDB2-2.0.0
    Date Failed
    Need Date-1.4.6
    Numbers_Roman Failed
    Need Numbers_Roman-1.0.1
    Numbers_Words Failed
    Need Numbers_Words-0.14.0
    HTML_Common Failed
    Need HTML_Common-1.2.2
    HTML_QuickForm Failed
    Need HTML_QuickForm-3.2.5
    HTML_QuickForm_advmultiselect Failed
    Need HTML_QuickForm_advmultiselect-1.1.0
    HTML_Table Failed
    Need HTML_Table-1.6.1
    Archive_Tar Failed
    Need Archive_Tar-1.1
    Auth_SASL Failed
    Need Auth_SASL-1.0.1
    Console_Getopt Failed
    Need Console_Getopt-1.2
    HTTP Failed
    Need HTTP-1.2.2
    Image_Canvas Failed
    Need Image_Canvas-0.2.4
    Image_Color Failed
    Need Image_Color-1.0.2
    Image_Graph Failed
    Need Image_Graph-0.7.1
    Image_GraphViz Failed
    Need Image_GraphViz-1.1.0
    Mail Failed
    Need Mail-1.1.9
    Mail_Mime Failed
    Need Mail_Mime-1.3.1
    Net_SMTP Failed
    Need Net_SMTP-1.2.8
    Net_Socket Failed
    Need Net_Socket-1.0.1
    Net_Traceroute Failed
    Need Net_Traceroute-0.21
    Net_Ping Failed
    Need Net_Ping-2.4.1
    Validate Failed
    Need Validate-0.6.2
    XML_RPC Failed
    Need XML_RPC-1.4.5
    Run this shell command under root user :
    pear install -o -f --alldeps DB DB_DataObject DB_DataObject_FormBuilder MDB2 Date Numbers_Roman Numbers_Words HTML_Common HTML_QuickForm HTML_QuickForm_advmultiselect HTML_Table Archive_Tar Auth_SASL Console_Getopt HTTP Image_Canvas Image_Color Image_Graph Image_GraphViz Mail Mail_Mime Net_SMTP Net_Socket Net_Traceroute Net_Ping Validate XML_RPC