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Which files does Nagios use?

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  • Which files does Nagios use?

    I 1.3 and Nagios installed successfully. I imported Nagios files and I can see the Oreon version of the Nagios cfg in /usr/local/oreon/filesGeneration/nagiosCFG. Nagios is running and I can monitor activity in both the native interface and Oreon.

    Here's the problem. I added a host and regenerated the Nagios files. Everything seems to be in order, the hosts.cfg file in nagiosCFG looks correct and when I generate files, it tells me the host has no services defined (which is okay for now.) Problem is, the host is not visible under Nagios or Oreon, even though I've both reloaded and restarted. How is Nagios instructed to use the cfg's in the Oreon nagiosCFG directory? Looks like the running process is still referencing my nagios.cfg in /usr/local/nagios/etc and my old config files are there as well.

    And can someone epplain how to get graphs working? I am not using ParsePerf and the native graph plugin panel has no hosts listed for selection.

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    Answered in your other post (under Oreon Project, almost for the firts part).
    I don't use graphs at all, so I couldn't help you on this, but there are fine posts regarding perfparse in the forums, take a look.

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