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oreon newbie config help..

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  • oreon newbie config help..


    i have finally taken the plunge.. i currently have a very large nagios 1.2 distributed environment and it has been working great for a long time.

    i am used to editing the config files from the command line and since i have not need to do anything on the system, i am slightly rusty.

    i have nagios 2.5 (used the install script by oreon, thanks guys) installed on a centos 4.3 box. i have installed perfparse and oreon all without errors.

    i am trying to come to terms with how oreon works, i think i have the concept pegged, however, i am having difficulty even adding and monitoring my localhost.

    could someone explain to be the difference between check_graph_http and check_http ?

    is there anywhere i can find some more comprehensive config documentation?

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    check_http is same as in nagios

    check_graph_http is an oreon plugin used to generate rrd file who can produce graphics in Oreon (different from perfparse mode)
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