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Problem with hostname not showing up on services page

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  • Problem with hostname not showing up on services page

    I created a custom check for ssh as I did not find it in the list of available checks. When I add this service check to a host the system adds the check correctly but fails to link in the hostname into the services list.

    See the screenshot please.

    Did I do something wrong?
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    Aparently I am an idiot and can't realize that the system lists the hostname and then all the services below it.


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      No man, you're not an idiot, new things are a bit difficult to whole understand the first days. I didn't understand a bunch of things about Oreon. Now I'm an expert ... LOL. Not at all. Hope you enjoy Oreon
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        rrolfe, if it makes you happy, me too

        I was starting to freak out, when the hostnames started to disappear. Thought that the DB was corrupt and had to configure everything from the beggining.

        I guess that this provoques head scratching, so the devs could put the hostnames in bold.