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  • Installation problem

    I am trying to install oreon on a freebsd 6.0, using Apache 2.0.59, PHP 5.1.6, mysql 4.1.21.

    When I try to access the webpage after the installation I get the sql query displayed on the page instead of whatever is supposed to be displayed.

    It starts with this and then goes on:

    query("DELETE FROM session WHERE session_id = '".session_id()."'"); Session:top(); Session:tart(); } if (isset($_SESSION["oreon"]))

    I believe that php is working because I can use phpinfo() in a testscript under the same directory.

    I am probably missing someting basic, but what??


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    Hey Matt, did you solve this problem?

    Pretty weird one you encountered, but if you are still having problems, please post exactly what you saw on the page. Is there anything before 'query("DELETE FROM..."'? Make sure you right-click and check "View Source" in your browser, sometimes there might be some more messages hidden there...

    Also check your apache error log for any errors in PHP or Apache. But you are right since a test of phpinfo() worked, probably that is not the problem.

    Maybe consider trying PHP version 4 - there appears to be some support for PHP 5 now but it is very recent, so maybe there is a bug there ;-)

    Anyway I must admit I am still fairly new to Oreon so maybe someone else can pinpoint some other issue I missed...but since no one has posted anything I thought I will see if I can help :-)
    Production: Nagios 2.5,Oreon 1.3.1,Perfparse 0.106.1
    Testing: Whatever I set up this week :wink:
    EVERYONE: channel #oreon!!! :-)