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Hosts missing in monitoring view

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  • Hosts missing in monitoring view

    I have installed both nagios and oreon and got it working correctly. I added a host and a service and groups etc...

    that first host works just fine and i see it in the home and monitoring views. However, when i clone it and add another host, i never see the new hosts in those views. Only the first host i added works for some reason. Nagios even reports during startup that it is montoring all the hosts i have entered. What could i be missing?


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    I figured it out. I wasnt clicking on "move export files" during restarts so it wasnt overwriting my old config.

    thanks anyways for the great product!


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      Hello Sir,,

      I have installed Nagios2.5 & Oreon1.3 successfully

      Then i clicked on configuration link and started of with adding hosts & services and got struck bcoz i did not understand what options to enable or disable in hosts state or services so ...

      Can somebody pls post me the step by step examples i need to perform so that i could monitor 3 hosts for services like http,smtp, mysql.

      Pls specify steps like eg:-

      Click on host perform blah , blah , and save

      Click on service perform blah , blah , and save

      Click on contact [alerts] perform blah , blah , and save

      How do i generate the conf files and restart the nagios services.

      Thanks in advance.

      Warm Regards