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No arguments for check_command in host configuration

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  • No arguments for check_command in host configuration

    When doing configuration for a host I can select a Check Command but the input field for the arguments is missing. As far as I can see this field is available for service configuration and for template-based service configs, but not for the single host configuration or host templates. I can fix this by manually adding the arguments in the hosts.cfg file, but I don't want to do that every time after Oreon generates new configs for me.

    I think this is a bug. If not, could someone please explain why the arguments input is missing?

    My Oreon version is v1.3.1-1

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    Sounds like a bug to me, or at least deserving of a feature request :-)

    In most cases I would imagine this is not an issue...most people will just use 'check_icmp' or 'check_fping' or something for host checks, with no special arguments. But I can imagine if you are doing something interesting like passive host checks it might be I recommend you log it at:

    Oh yeah, and editing generated configs would be a real pain! If you are only doing the occasional host check different to the rest, I think a better option would be to define a new check_command for it, until the facility for arguments in host checks is added. Of course if every host check you make is different that is a big problem...but that seems strange. Like I said, it would unusual for most people to do much other than just 'check_icmp' or something.

    Production: Nagios 2.5,Oreon 1.3.1,Perfparse 0.106.1
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