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  • PerfParse Howto

    Hi everyone,

    I just got oreon setup using the following howto

    My only question is, there was nothing in this howto regarding getting perfparse, is there a good howto out there to get this up and going, also is there any english user manuals available?


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    For now:

    is probably one of the better places to look. But I've only been working with Oreon for a few weeks now so I might not know about some better piece of doco out there (pls someone fill us in if I missed it...)

    You can also look at:

    The actual doco for perfparse. I have to say I actually felt more confused after reading the perfparse doco than I did beforehand, so maybe you are best off trying it first then read the doco after :wink:.

    More seriously...I hope to have a fairly detailed guide to installation of Nagios/Oreon/Perfparse finished and available online in the next few days.
    I will post a message to the forum when I get it done.

    Production: Nagios 2.5,Oreon 1.3.1,Perfparse 0.106.1
    Testing: Whatever I set up this week :wink:
    EVERYONE: channel #oreon!!! :-)


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      Thanks, I look forward to your howto, let me know if you want someone to walk through it to make sure all the steps make sence. Since my box isn't doing anything yet I would be happy to blow it away and redo it. I'm using debian currently if that makes any difference.